Handmade epoxy design
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unique by felicia

Table decoration

• Handmade elegant epoxy resin placemat
• Gift ideas
• Resin Decorative Tray
• Coasters
• Wine Butler

unique by felicia

Trinket stand

• Handmade epoxy resin jewelry stand
• Gift ideas
• Trinket Tray
• Makeup Jewelry Tray

unique by felicia


• Handmade elegant epoxy resin sculptures
• Gift ideas
• Elegant LED light vase
• Sculpture Bowl
• Drip Sculptures

unique by felicia


• Handmade elegant epoxy resin tray
• Gift ideas
• Resin Decorative Tray
•Trinket Tray


Each piece of resin is a work of art and small dents, scratches and air bubbles are part of the art of the resin
and are treated as perfect imperfections rather than defects. The handmade surface that looks like a precious glass, the variety of chaotic flowing colors, the fascinating hues that catch the eye and make them indispensable are the resin features that classify them as special and unique. Also special as a gift for any occasion, any gender and anyone who loves art and nature.

Mariana Herzfeld

Handgefertigtes-Epoxy-Design, unique by felicia, Idstein, Deutschland

Care instructions

The resin is strong and durable however should be treated with care. It is scratch resistant, not scratch proof, it is water resistant, not waterproof. If it falls or knocks on a hard surface, it can be completely destroyed.

Protect from direct sunlight. Prolonged sun exposure may cause discoloration or softening of the resin. It is UV stable and resistant but yellowing or color change can still occur if left on open sunlight for a long time. Do not allow your resin piece to become extremely hot – it will become malleable - just allow to cool to room temperature before handling excessively.

Not dishwasher safe. Never use abrasive washing products or harsh chemicals. Do not soak in water. Always wash with warm water and mild dishwashing detergent by hand only and wipe it with a soft cloth. For resin jewelry pieces – please be sure to remove your jewelry before showers, swimming, washing and using harsh chemicals, including hairspray, perfume, cleaning solutions.

The outer surface of the piece of resin may acquire a frozen appearance after washing. Just wipe with a drop of oil to restore its shine. Apply a thin layer by hand or a paper towel and gently clean with a non-abrasive cloth. The best result you can achieve when using plastic polish.
Scratches in the resin are usually permanent. Harder metals, abrasives and heavy or sharp objects can dig into the surface, resulting in scratches.


unique by felicia
Mariana Herzfeld
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